SARAS is a parallel general purpose Partial Differential Equation solver written in object-oriented C++ language. It can solve incompressible fluid and thermal flows. It uses a robust geometric multigrid Poisson solver to solve the pressure correction equation. SARAS is written with the same modular architecture as TARANG. User defined initial conditions, boundary conditions, and forcing terms can be added to it easily.

We welcome collaborations as we strive to develop the code further. All contributions in testing and usage for new applications, improving the documentation, and so on will be very valuable.

The code can be downloaded from GitHub.

If you face any problems in downloading SARAS, please mail us at

The documentation of SARAS is also available on GitHub. The instructions to install SARAS is also available with the documentation.

SARAS was developed at the Simulation and Modelling Lab of IIT-Kanpur, India.